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by Lauren Moore November 28, 2020
Great insight into canine first aid! Very informative and easy to understand the sections, along with video demonstrations allowing a ‘hands on’ learning experience! Thank you very much!
by Karen Lancett November 1, 2020

The course was easy to access and covered all of the relevant topics very well. The short video demonstrations were particularly helpful in understanding “hands on” techniques. I liked the way that the course could be approached in chunks. I found that 2 modules (about 2 hours) at a time worked for me and this facilitated good learning and understanding of each topic.

by Skye McDonald October 28, 2020

Great comprehensive course to set me onto my way to working in the dog world. After over 20 years of doing BASP first aid course it was fun to change the human into a dog! Very interesting to see how much is the same between the species. Especially appreciated the ‘how to ‘ videos.
Thanks Skye

by Sharon Louise Lambert August 28, 2020

Interesting and engaging and really useful. Hoping never to have to use it but will be confident in doing so if I have to. Everything explained so that it’s easy to understand and remember. Thank you

by Alison Jakins August 14, 2020

A comprehensive online course to refresh my canine first aid knowledge. During lockdown, many organisations offered their 1st aid courses online but P.E.T. offered a competitively priced course which could be taken and resumed at your own pace. The videos and downloadable resources are high quality and I would highly recommend.

by Paula Robinson May 28, 2020

Brilliant, thank you. This is a really thorough course. Due to the lockdown, I was unable to to attend a classroom training course. I looked at several online courses before I chose this one but I am so pleased that I did. It was interesting, very well explained, the video clips were very good. I will use this site for further courses.

by Liam Doyle March 31, 2020

Dear Caroline. I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful course. The format of the course is brilliant. Thank you!

by Scott Wilkie March 27, 2020

Thorough and easy to follow canine first aid course. Broken down into easily digestible sections, followed by self assessment quizzes to ensure you’re committing the important details to memory. Well worth the cost.

by Robert Pearson January 14, 2020

An excellent and well presented course. I certainly learned a lot and will recommend this to anyone who has a dog.
Vital and life saving information is explained well with text and videos.

Thank you for creating this wonderful course.

Rob Pearson

by Tara Bhat January 13, 2020

Comprehensive course from which I learnt a lot. Obviously not the same as a ‘live’ course with real animals but still very useful. The video demonstrations were particularly helpful. Thank you Caroline.

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