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This depends on how much time you have to devote to studying. Some students concentrate on completing a shorter course in a day whilst others take more time, choosing to dip in and out to suit their lifestyle and other commitments.

The beauty of the courses is that you can decide and set your own agenda (most have a 1 year time scale).

No. Although, for some courses there will be an option and opportunity to show practical animal care skills, the courses do not require you to be in a work place caring for animals. 

For certain canine professionals CPD is required to track and formalise on-going study.

For home boarders, doggy day-carers and kennel owners it is likely to be a requirement for obtaining or maintaining an Animal Activities license (AAL). 

Studying accredited and approved courses gives the learner peace of mind that the programme of study meets a high standard and has been externally validated.

Most courses have NO exams just some self-assessment multiple-choice questions at the end of each module. These courses are labelled ‘Self Assessed’.

Some courses have an Online Assignment to complete, these are labelled as such.

If the course is self assessed: At the end of each module there are some suggested activities along with some self-assessment questions. These have been designed to ensure that you have learned the material and will help to reinforce the facts in your memory. Once you have completed the tasks you mark the module as being completed. You can then can move onto the next one.

If the course has an online assignment: You will be asked to answer a series of questions in your own words. Each answer is awarded with a point system. In order to pass this course with the merit you must achieve 100% (10pts).

Don’t worry if you don’t achieve 100% first time round, you will be given the opportunity to resubmit your assignment and your tutor will provide details of what is required to pass with credit.

You have up to 4 retake opportunities, but after this you will be awarded with a certificate of completion.

Of course. After completing all the modules you will be able to download your own personal certificate. Once a student has completed an accredited P.E.T. course, their e-certificate will contain a unique code. This allows anyone, such as employers, to verify online if the certificate is legitimate. 

For the canine and feline first aid courses, like human first aid, I recommend that you refresh your skills every three years. This is because research is being conducted continually and so procedures change over time. A refresher course will be available soon.

For all other courses, there may be certain elements of the content that changes throughout time. As such regular CPD is recommended for professionals.

Yes. You will be able to pose a question to me privately by messaging your tutor through your Student Dashboard.

Technical Support

There are some questions your tutor just cannot answer. For any technical support, order related problems, general usage of the website or you’re just unsure of something you can contact Tommy our technical administrator in your Student Dashboard.

  • You can view our course on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, however for optimum viewing we recommend using only desktops or laptops.
  • Please make sure your internet browser is up-to-date and a modern release, as our system uses the latest technology for videos and auto-evaluated tasks.
  • For our videos to run smoothly we recommend an internet speed of 2 MB/s, most current broadband plans will be better than this anyway. You may have difficulty streaming using your phone’s 3G connection.

Ordering, Shopping Basket & Checkout

Yes. We require all customers to create an account at the Checkout stage. Once purchased, the course is attributed to your online Student Account, where you can view courses, statistics, certificates, get help and more. Also, by setting up an account with us, it will allow you to order again without having to enter your details every time you shop with us. 

The only way to create an account is to sign up when buying a course at the checkout. Once you’ve done this you can log in anywhere on our website by clicking on the ‘Sign In’ link at the top of each page.

Shop for the courses you’d like to take on our Online Courses page. Once you’re on the dedicated page for each course you will be able to view more information onto course, view the course curriculum and buy the course by clicking the ‘Take This Course’ button. The course will be added to your basket and you can then proceed to the checkout.

We accept secure payments directly on our website with VISA (debit/credit/electron), MASTERCARD (including Maestro) and American Express. We only accept payments via bank transfer for our Hosted Courses.

Yes. It is secured with 256-bit encryption. Look for the padlock in your browser. This padlock means any data you submit on the site, whether it be passwords, addresses or card details is fully encrypted. For more on how we handle your data please see our Privacy Policy.

Our 30 day refund policy is in place to protect students, however if you have accessed more than one module of our course content the refund request may be rejected.

For more information please see our Money Back Guarantee page.

Key in the code at the field “Coupon Code” which is available in the Shopping Bag and Checkout stage, then click ‘Apply Coupon’. Please note that we are unable to manually apply the voucher code to your order if you have missed keying it during checkout. Kindly ensure that all information is correct before confirming your purchase.

Emails are always sent out by our system automatically on order confirmation and course subscribe. If you haven’t received these emails, please check your spam/junk folder of your inbox – this is especially prevalent with those of you who have Hotmail (Outlook), Yahoo and Gmail accounts.

The only other way you may not have received these emails is if your email was spelled incorrectly when you checked out. It happens more often than you think and we try and spot any errors on reviewing your order and correct them if we can. Alternatively, you may check the status of your order and change your email address in the “Edit Account” section of your Student Dashboard.