Advanced Certificate in Feline Fear, Anxiety & Aggression

20 CPD Hrs (approx)
Created by Caroline Clark: Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse, Qualified Teacher & Published Writer

This veterinary approved and externally accredited online course is written and designed by a registered clinical animal behaviourist and qualified veterinary nurse. Easy-to-digest lessons give you the flexibility to learn at home at your own pace. 

The course is made up of multiple learning processes, such as written content, webinars, downloadable resources, directed tasks, recommended reading and references. There are no exams, but to obtain your certificate you must answer some multiple choice questions at the end of each module. These questions have been designed to ensure that you have learned the material and will help to reinforce the facts in your memory. The final assessment involves varied methods to test your knowledge and evaluate your progress.

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This course has been written to help those who work with, or are interested in working with cats:


Caroline is a qualified member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and a registered clinical animal behaviourist with the Association of Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC). She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling and is also a Registered Veterinary Nurse. Caroline holds a professional teaching qualification.

Please note: The Advanced Certificate in Feline Fear, Anxiety & Aggression and The Advanced Certificate in Canine Fear, Anxiety & Aggression share some content. However, although many of the module titles are the same, the course is written with an emphasis on the particular species you are studying.

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4.9 13 Reviews


by Naomi Thomson September 23, 2021

Enjoyed completing this course lots of good practical information. Easy to read and understand. Lots of information that will be able to be applied to work in shelters, where the population of cats tends to be anxious or stressed and staff often see aggression. Highly recommend this course.

by Marla Rodrigues September 13, 2021

The aspects I liked the most were the on demand system, the accessibility and of course the high quality of the content. It is already helping me in my career as a feline behavior consultant and also as a cat owner.

by Amy Winter September 2, 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. As a veterinary nurse, I have learnt valuable transferable skills to advance my knowledge of feline behaviour and I now have the additional information needed to help clients with behavioural challenges at home and also, to be able to help my team at work, to provide a more positive experience in the clinic. It’s nice to be able to go at your own learning pace and I loved the handy downloadable sheets available on some of the modules. Would highly recommend! Will likely complete more courses through this site!

by suzanne reeve August 28, 2021

Enjoyed the course and found rhe information useful

by Debbie Dallison July 15, 2021

Caroline suggested this course because my cat wasn’t eating properly and initially the vets had no idea what was wrong. So glad she suggested it. Have learned loads regarding a cats behaviour and what things can affect it. I knew quite a few bits and the course reiterated them and reminded me of areas I had forgotten about.
I was reminded that a cat likes to be in control and to give my cat space when she wants it. To recognise signs that she wants time on her own and to back off, to have company, or to play.
I need to be aware of how I feel when around her as my anxieties can impact on how she is in herself.
Love that there is lots of recommended reading and research in to areas I know nothing about.
Also the module on training is fantastic. Starting re getting her used to her cat carrier and also her spot on flea treatment. She already comes when whistled, but will ignore me at times, so want to improve on that with clicker/marker training.

by Nikki McLeod June 17, 2021

There are very few courses which cater for vet professionals interested in feline behaviour. This course is definitely one of the best. So much information and learning. Ideal for cat advocates!

by Alyssa Dejonghe April 25, 2021

as a feline behaviorist is wanted to know more about feline anxiety, fear and aggression to help my clients and their cats better. By following this course I became more known with these behavioral problems

by Judith Phillips April 22, 2021

This course (Advanced Certificate in Feline Fear, Anxiety, & Aggression) went above and beyond what I was expecting. The material/information, the instructional videos, the outside readings, and the suggested tasks were excellent. The material was explained in a manner that everyone could understand, even the physiological information as she included figures. There were pictures of what were being described so there were visuals as well as text. The course was very organized with 7 modules, each focusing on a specific topic (such as Dealing with Challenging Feline Behavior Problems) and 7-11 topics within each module.
I am also most appreciative to Caroline for being accommodating to the speed in which I took each module. I never felt rushed when completing the modules within this course.
I highly recommend this course if you are interested in cats as either a cat owner and/or a professional working with cats.

by Emma Chapman March 18, 2021

Really good course. It’s not often i find a course dedicated to our feline friends, this course was thoroughly enjoyable. I am a cat groomer with a huge belief that learning about cat behaviour is a must have to work with animals successfully. This course is hugely beneficial for the cat owner as well the pet professional. Highly recommended.

by Jaclyn Gott February 3, 2021

This course is in-depth and included really interesting and useful information that allowed me to better understand cats and their behaviour. The resources and references for additional study were fantastic, as they enabled me to easily continue with my studies. I now feel more able to understand feline behaviour problems and how these may be prevented, managed and treated. Thank you!