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This veterinary approved and externally accredited online course is written and designed by a qualified registered veterinary nurse and clinicial animal behaviourst. Easy-to-digest lessons give you the flexibility to learn at home at your own pace.

There are no exams, but to obtain your certificate of completion you must answer some multiple choice questions, which have been designed to ensure that you have learned the material. Like human first aid, it is recommended that you refresh your skills every three years.
  • Written with the benefit of practical veterinary experience.
  • Information and content based on the latest veterinary standards.
  • Up-to-date life saving techniques based on internationally recognised authority in veterinary CPR.
  • This course is NOT designed to replace veterinary treatment and attention.

About The Author, Caroline Clark

Qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse • RVN Clinical Coach • Clinical Animal Behaviourist • Qualified Teacher

She is a qualified member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and a registered clinical animal behaviourist with the Association of Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC). She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling and is also a Registered Veterinary Nurse. Caroline holds a professional teaching qualification.

What you'll learn:

  • To recognise and respond to a range of first aid situations.
  • To carry out a safe assessment of the dog.
  • To respond to a range of first aid situations.
  • To carry out basic first aid treatments whilst waiting for veterinary attention.
  • Basic principles, safe handling, up-to-date CPR and much more (see curriculum below).

Free On Completion:

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This first aid e-book is a useful reference guide to keep at hand.

Digital Certificate

An accredited certificate is available on completion.

Suitable for:

  • Dog owners
  • Pet professionals
  • Dog walkers
  • Veterinary nurses
  • Groomers
  • Dog carers/sitters
  • Dog trainers
  • Dog kennels/hotels
  • Behaviourists


  1. The course recognises that the veterinary surgeons act 1966 restricts the diagnosis and treatment of an animal by another person other than a qualified and registered veterinary surgeon. However any lay person can carry out first aid in an emergency situation.
  2. For all first aid cases, a veterinary surgeon should be contacted as soon as possible.

Course Curriculum

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5 32 Reviews


by Skye McDonald October 28, 2020

Great comprehensive course to set me onto my way to working in the dog world. After over 20 years of doing BASP first aid course it was fun to change the human into a dog! Very interesting to see how much is the same between the species. Especially appreciated the ‘how to ‘ videos.
Thanks Skye

by Sharon Louise Lambert August 28, 2020

Interesting and engaging and really useful. Hoping never to have to use it but will be confident in doing so if I have to. Everything explained so that it’s easy to understand and remember. Thank you

by Alison Jakins August 14, 2020

A comprehensive online course to refresh my canine first aid knowledge. During lockdown, many organisations offered their 1st aid courses online but P.E.T. offered a competitively priced course which could be taken and resumed at your own pace. The videos and downloadable resources are high quality and I would highly recommend.

by Paula Robinson May 28, 2020

Brilliant, thank you. This is a really thorough course. Due to the lockdown, I was unable to to attend a classroom training course. I looked at several online courses before I chose this one but I am so pleased that I did. It was interesting, very well explained, the video clips were very good. I will use this site for further courses.

by Liam Doyle March 31, 2020

Dear Caroline. I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful course. The format of the course is brilliant. Thank you!

by Scott Wilkie March 27, 2020

Thorough and easy to follow canine first aid course. Broken down into easily digestible sections, followed by self assessment quizzes to ensure you’re committing the important details to memory. Well worth the cost.

by Robert Pearson January 14, 2020

An excellent and well presented course. I certainly learned a lot and will recommend this to anyone who has a dog.
Vital and life saving information is explained well with text and videos.

Thank you for creating this wonderful course.

Rob Pearson

by Tara Bhat January 13, 2020

Comprehensive course from which I learnt a lot. Obviously not the same as a ‘live’ course with real animals but still very useful. The video demonstrations were particularly helpful. Thank you Caroline.

by Martin Simmons November 16, 2019

This first aid course is excellent, and very comprehensive. I found it easy to navigate and I liked the idea that you could save progress as you went along, meaning that you could study at your own pace. The Video tutorials were clear and informative. I like that there are downloads and printouts to keep on file for future use.

by Louise Mckay November 11, 2019

Really easy to understand and enjoyable course.