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Higher Certificate in Canine First Aid

Would you know how to save your dog's life in an emergency? This easy-to-follow course provides teaches you basic first aid treatments, how to commence CPR and so much more.

Written by: Caroline ClarkQualified Registered Veterinary Nurse, RVN Clinical Coach, Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Qualified Teacher & Published Writer

This veterinary approved and externally accredited online course is written and designed by a qualified registered veterinary nurse and clinicial animal behaviourist. It has been designed for pet professionals, fulfilling Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. However, it is suitable for pet owners too.

The course is made up of multiple learning processes, such as written content, video demonstrations, downloadable resources and suggested tasks. There are no exams, but to obtain your certificate you must answer some multiple choice questions. Like human first aid, it is recommended that you refresh your skills every three years.

Course aims:

  • Gain the skills to identify and effectively respond to various first aid scenarios that may arise.
  • Acquire the knowledge necessary to conduct a safe assessment of the dog’s condition.
  • Learn the proper techniques for administering basic first aid treatments and providing immediate care while awaiting veterinary assistance.
  • Explore fundamental principles of first aid, emphasising safe handling practices and updated CPR protocols, along with additional essential skills.
  • See full course curriculum below.

Course features:

  • Written with the benefit of practical veterinary experience.
  • Information and content based on the latest veterinary standards.
  • Life saving techniques based on internationally recognised authority in veterinary CPR.
  • Our bite-sized lessons let you learn comfortably at your own pace
  • Video demonstrations included.
  • Enjoy lifetime access to the course, allowing you to revisit and refresh your knowledge whenever needed.
  • Tutor and technical support available.
  • Accredited CPD certificate of completion.
  • CPD reflection and transcript for professional portfolio and CPD log.
  • Unique ‘Accredited First Aider’ membership badge for display on your website or social media profiles.
  • Quick reference E-Book.

Accredited by CPD Standards

Unique Verifiable Certificate

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Suitable for:

  • Dog owners
  • Dog walkers
  • Dog groomers
  • Dog carers / sitters
  • Dog trainers
  • Dog kennels / hotels
  • Animal behaviourists
  • Pet professionals

The course recognises that the veterinary surgeons act 1966 restricts the diagnosis and treatment of an animal by another person other than a qualified and registered veterinary surgeon. However any lay person can carry out first aid in an emergency situation.

This course is NOT designed to replace veterinary treatment and attention. For all first aid cases, a veterinary surgeon should be contacted as soon as possible.

Course content

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About your tutor

Caroline Clark

Caroline has a long and varied career working with companion animals. After many years working as a veterinary nurse she attended teacher training college and pursued a career in education - teaching veterinary nursing and other animal related subjects. Caroline's interest in behaviour led her to at Southampton University where she gained a post graduate diploma in companion animal behaviour counselling and after qualifying in 2006, she opened her own behaviour referral clinic in Yorkshire. She is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and is one of only a small number of specialists to have achieved the status of Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour Training Council. Caroline is the author of two books: Fear and Anxiety in Dogs published by Crowood Press and The Professional's Guide to Feline Behaviour by CRC Press. Caroline has also written several articles for veterinary journals and has appeared as the animal specialist on the 20 part, Channel Four TV series, ‘Embarrassing Pets’ which is still aired worldwide. Now Caroline combines her skills by writing a variety of online courses and shares her expertise with budding behaviourists through her mentorship programmes.

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Course includes

  • 8 Modules
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Downloadable Resources
  • No Exams!
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
5 80 Reviews


by Sarah HILL 03/06/2024

Very easy to follow and well worth completing. Explanations were clear and videos very helpful.

by Hannah Blundell 28/05/2024

Lots of helpful information delivered in easy to follow chunks. The videos were an added bonus for demonstrations, especially for the CPR.
Not only giving me the confidence that I will be better equipped to deal with any emergency situations with my own dog but giving my clients the confidence that I can care for their dogs.

by DEBBIE GINGELL 30/04/2024

I recommend this course for dog owners and professionals

by Emma Davies 30/04/2024

Easy to understand and follow, helpful videos and well explained

by Dee Vine 27/04/2024

Very informative course. very easy to understand and well explained. I learnt a lot which will really help with my career going forward.

by Claire Kidson 24/04/2024

This course is so well written and informative. The information is clear and concise and is broken up into bite size modules and sections. The additional study suggestions are interesting. The use of video is good.

by Christine Hall 24/03/2024

Great basic first aid course, easy to follow with multiple choice quizzes on each section.

by Sarah Simms 05/03/2024

Interesting, well presented course with good resources

by Natasha Fletcher 20/02/2024

Excellent course which was clearly defined and delivered. I have learnt so much from completing this course prior to setting up my dog walking business. Many thanks!

by Claire King 20/02/2024

Good delivery

by Katie Reynolds 22/01/2024

As with all pet courses run by lovely Caroline Clark, they are enjoyable, informative, well presented, understandable, interesting and allows you to study at a pace that suits you. The First Aid course, I have just passed 🙂 is another excellent example of the courses that you can study here and like all the other courses I have studied here and passed, I have enjoyed it and learnt life-changing skills, practical and knowledgeable ones along the way, giving me more confidence in myself and in an area I am passionate about.
Learning about first aid is a worthwhile skill to have, weather for your own pets or in a pet related work environment – which i am now perusing.
I Highly recommend this course, and any of the pet courses on this website, they are excellent!
Thank you, Katie.

by Susie Corbishley 22/01/2024

A thorough informative canine course.

by Victoria Edwards 20/11/2023

The course content was thorough and there was a great use of video footage to support the written content and provide visual explanation of certain procedures. The website is very easy to use and the quiz at the end of each topic was useful to monitor learning. The content was thorough although I would have liked to see ‘drowning’ covered in this course.

by Anna Maria Papakyriacou 12/09/2023

everything you need to know is spelt out word for word. additional research is optional but rarely necessary unless you are curious to find out more.

by Martin Simmons 25/08/2023

The course is well set out and easy to follow. I completed the course over 3 days, dipping in and out. I liked the way that you could proceed at your own pace. The content was good and informative. The videos too were excellent resources. I am very impressed that at any time I can read the course content which is very reassuring to have that facility going forward.