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Devised and tutored by a registered clinical animal behaviourist and qualified veterinary nurse, this course is suitable for anyone who works, or has regular contact in a professional capacity, with dogs, e.g. veterinary nurses, kennel assistants, those working in canine rescue centres, dog walkers, dog sitters, carers, groomers etc. It may also suit those who wish to pursue a career working with dogs or the interested owner who wants to learn more about their own dog.

Engaging modules consist of numerous lessons to study at your own pace, allowing you to effectively manage your work/life balance. Multiple learning processes, i.e. written content, presentations, video content and free additional downloads and resources allow you to absorb the learning materials in an online environment with ease.

Seven varied modules covering key subjects including:

  • The dogs brain and how genetics, breeding and environment affect behaviour
  • How dogs learn
  • Communication: canine body language and how to assess emotions
  • Canine Behavioural Development – socialisation and other critical phases in their life
  • Fear, anxiety and frustration and how this impacts on aggression
  • The reactive dog – how to manage and deal with reactivity safely
  • How to work safely with dogs and preventing problems in the workplace
  • Mental enrichment and how to harness a dog’s natural senses

There are no exams, but to obtain your digital certificate you must answer some multiple choice questions at the end of each module. These questions have been designed to ensure that you have learned the material and will help to reinforce the facts in your memory. The final assessment involves varied methods to test your knowledge and evaluate your progress.

Do remember that you can direct questions to me personally through the online student facility at any time and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

Please note: The Advanced Certificate in Understanding & Dealing with Canine Fear & Anxiety and The Advanced Certificate in Understanding and Dealing with Feline Fear & Anxiety share some content. However, although many of the module titles are the same, the course is written with an emphasis on the particular species you are studying.

Verifiable CPD  This seminar is suitable for verifiable continuing professional development (CPD).

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5 2 Reviews


by Alice Faulkner October 19, 2020

This course has helped me develop a better understanding of canine behaviour and I feel more confident about my knowledge of learning theory. I have also been able to use what I have learned with my own resource-guarding dog. There are also lots of useful resources that I can refer back to in the future.

by Warren Howell August 5, 2020

Understanding & Dealing with Canine Fear & Anxiety has been one of the best courses I have taken and completed. The course is very user friendly and the content about the subjects are very well written . I have taken many courses throughout the years and this course is up there with the best . This subject is a must for Dog Trainers especially if your dealing with Canine fear & Anxiety cases , it’s also suitable for pet owners who may want to understand thier own dog better . Thank you Caroline for providing such a great course .

About the Instructors

Registered Veterinary Nurse / Animal Behaviourist / Qualified Teacher
Caroline is a qualified registered veterinary nurse and has a professional teaching qualification. Caroline is also an animal behaviourist and runs a referral clinic in Yorkshire. She is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and one of only a small number of specialists to have achieved the status of Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour Training Council. Caroline recently appeared as the animal specialist on a 20 part, Channel Four TV series ‘Embarrassing Pets’ and has written articles for peer reviewed veterinary publications.