Advanced Certificate in Canine Fear, Anxiety & Aggression

20 CPD Hrs (approx)
Written by Caroline Clark: Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse, Qualified Teacher & Published Author

This veterinary approved and externally accredited online course is written and designed by a qualified animal behaviourist with a busy behaviour referral practice. In the course you will learn how the dogs brain, genetics, breeding and environment affect behaviour. You will also learn canine body language and how to assess emotions, along with socialisation and other critical phases in a dog’s life. Fear, anxiety, frustration, reactivity and how to work safely with dogs are also covered in depth.

The course is made up of multiple learning processes, such as written content, webinars, downloadable resources, directed tasks, recommended reading and references. There are no exams, but to obtain your certificate you must answer some multiple choice questions at the end of each module.

There is a final assessment which is designed to help you bring together and apply some of the knowledge you have acquired throughout your studies on this course. This is not a marked piece of work but, to gain your certificate, you will need to provide some feedback and make notes in the form provided.

Course aims:

  • To learn about the dogs brain and how genetics, breeding and environment affect behaviour.
  • To understand how dogs learn.
  • To have a solid understanding of canine body language and how to assess emotions.
  • To learn about behavioural development – socialisation and other critical phases in their life.
  • To learn how fear, anxiety and frustration impacts on aggression.
  • How to manage and deal with reactivity safely.
  • How to work safely with dogs and preventing problems in the workplace.
  • To learn about mental enrichment and how to harness a dog’s natural senses.
  • See full course curriculum below.

Course features:

  • Written by an experienced, qualified animal behaviourist with a busy behaviour referral practice.
  • Easy-to-digest lessons give you the flexibility to learn at home at your own pace.
  • Over 4 hours of recorded webinars, which are slides presented with a voiceover.
  • A comprehensive list of references and related research for each module.
  • Factsheets, questionnaires, templates and other helpful resources.
  • Tutor and technical support available.
  • Lifetime access to dip in and out of the course whenever you need to refresh your knowledge.
  • CPD Certificate of completion.
  • CPD Transcript for prospective employers.
  • CPD Reflection for professional portfolio and CPD log.
  • Case Studies E-Book
  • Works on computers, tablets & smartphones.
Accredited by CPD Standards
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Suitable for:

  • Veterinary nurses
  • Vets
  • Animal behaviourists
  • Kennel workers
  • Dog trainers
  • Dog wardens / community officers
  • Rescue centre workers
  • Pet professionals
  • Dedicated dog owners

Note: The Advanced Certificate in Canine Fear, Anxiety & Aggression and The Advanced Certificate in Feline Fear, Anxiety & Aggression share some content. However, although many of the module titles are the same, the course is written with an emphasis on the particular species you are studying.

Course content

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Course Includes

  • 8 Modules
  • 4 Hours of Webinars
  • Downloadable Resources
  • No Exams!
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
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4.8 53 Reviews


by Holly Tunney 01/12/2023

very in formative course, it goes into a lot of detail, quite comprehensive

by Leah Unwin 23/11/2023

Very useful content and was easy to understand and follow.

by Sarah Whem 20/11/2023

Found this course extremely valuable, with extensive amounts of information provided, alongside additional resources to aid further understanding and learning.

by Dawid Firkowski 20/11/2023

very well.

by Megan Brailsford 20/11/2023

I found this course helpful in solidfying knowledge and gaining new techniques and understanding, i have a reactive dog myself and i am already the behaviour nurse at work so this is helping set up my ‘Anti Social club’ for canines that need that extra help and understanding as well as the owners!

by Chloe Potts 20/11/2023

This course is thorough and explains everything clearly. I enjoyed completing this and like that you can complete it at your own speed.

by Monica Gameiro 10/10/2023

This course is filled with extensive high quality information, presented in an easy to digest format. I feel extremely confident with what I have learnt and look forward to putting the knowledge into practice when running my grooming parlour.

by Kimberley Sacker 14/06/2023

Thoroughly enjoyed learning with Caroline. A well laid out course with detailed information. A great source as a refresher or those new to canine behaviour management

by Carolina Fernandez Sanchez 25/05/2023

Interesting course when you learn the basic of behaviour

by Katherine Clark 20/03/2023

loved this course! Although I would say start with smaller courses and build up, I’d never done any behavior type courses before and what I knew I’d just learned from training my own dogs and reading on the internet in magazines etc. I then signed up to the advanced course! But it is set up and explained in such a way that even people with little experience can understand it you just might have to keep going back into past modules more to remind yourself.

by Ruth Egan-Linnecar 01/02/2023

As a dog walker and dog owner, I am always wanting to gain more knowledge to help manage my daily walks as well as assist my clients where possible. This course gives so much advice on how to handle fear, anxiety and aggression that I have numerous tools at my disposable to refer to next time I encounter any challenges. It is incredible knowing how many factors make up a ‘reactive’ dog and the breakdown of all of these aspects into bite sized chunks means you can take in the information and reflect after each module.

by Sarah Meub 04/01/2023

As a veterinary nurse this course has been invaluable to me. The level of information and resources is exceptional. Since i work in a busy clinic, we see a variety of canine behavioural problems almost daily, especially within the last 3 years. I’m so glad i found this course as it really improved my knowledge and confidence on how to deal with fear and anxiety cases as well as offer appropriate guidance and advise to clients.

by Yvonne Crawford 23/12/2022

Good course, extremely well structured with lots of additional references and links. Although I’ve been in veterinary practice a very long time I learnt a lot and think I will be dipping back into the further reading for the foreseeable future.

by Jess Moreton 02/12/2022

Although it took me quite a while to complete working around work and commitments, it was very eye opening. It has helped me be more ware within my job role and also not just think that medication is the only way to fix medication. Behaviour can still be adjusted and worked with even when they are no longer a puppy. Great CPD course and will be very helpful in improving my approaches at work!

by Amy Smith 27/11/2022

This course has really helped me to understand behaviour at a higher level. The seminars and videos that are included in the course aided me in putting into practise what I had been taught, especially as a visual learner. I found myself already applying what I had learnt in the workplace, which has been invaluable. I would highly recommend taking this course if you work with animals, although it will also benefit dog owners that have reactive or anxious pets.