Canine Nutrition and Its Relevance to Behaviour Webinar

Helping you to make an informed choice when selecting a dog's diet through their life-stages.

3 CPD Hrs (approx)
Written by Caroline Clark: Qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse, RVN Clinical Coach, Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Qualified Teacher & Published Author

This veterinary approved webinar is written and presented by a clinical animal behaviourist and qualified registered veterinary nurse. It has been designed for pet professionals, fulfilling Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. However, it is also suitable for owners whose want to be better informed about what to feed their dog.

There are no exams, but to obtain your certificate of completion you must answer some multiple choice questions, which have been designed to ensure that you have learned the material.

Course aims:

  • To understand the constituents of the canine diet. In other words what the diet is made up of.
  • How to feed the dog through their different life-stages.
  • To learn how feeding can affect behaviour.
  • To undestand how nutraceuticals and supplements can help to modify the diet.
  • See full course curriculum below.

Course features:

  • Written with the benefit of practical veterinary and canine behaviour experience.
  • Information and content based on safe working practices.
  • Easy-to-digest lessons give you the flexibility to learn at home at your own pace.
  • Webinar slides presented with a voiceover – as if you were sitting in a real-life lecture theatre.
  • Canine enrichment and nutrition factsheets.
  • Tutor and technical support available.
  • Lifetime access to dip in and out of the course whenever you need to refresh your knowledge.
  • CPD Certificate of completion.
  • CPD Transcript for prospective employers.
  • Works on computers, tablets & smartphones.
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Suitable for:

  • Dog owners
  • Dog walkers
  • Dog groomers
  • Dog carers / sitters
  • Dog trainers
  • Dog kennels / hotels
  • Animal behaviourists
  • Veterinary nurses
  • Pet professionals
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Course Includes

  • 5 Modules
  • Recorded Webinar
  • Additional Downloads
  • No Exams!
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
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4.9 20 Reviews


by Emma Stuart 26/08/2023

Great course! As a student vet nurse looking to get more information on nutrition to use in practice, I really enjoyed this course. Content was informative and easy to follow. Would highly recommend.

by Joshua Gayadeen 04/05/2023

Very Useful, Clear, and Well-Structured.

by jordan Copping 17/03/2023

This course has a great deal of knowledge and facts / tips not only about the signs of behaviour to look out for what what is also beneficial to your dog. As a dog owner I found this insightful and easy to understand and will use the new knowledge to implement and changes to improve my dogs quality of life.

by Gemma Liddell 15/01/2023

Found this course really informative and well presented, just started myself as a dog trainer and have already discovered the effects nutrition has on the behaviours of the dogs that I am currently supporting.
Found the information regarding the the constitution of the diet really interesting and course content on this was really easy to understand rather then sometimes when reading about dog nutrition it can all appear a bit confusing.

Thank you Caroline, will be back soon for the Canine First Aid Course

by Rachael Downton 10/01/2023

The layout of the course was easy to follow and informative. I particularly liked the section on natural calming agents these will help me with my own dogs and clients dogs. I would recommend this course as a starting block for professionals and for owners.

by Janie Comber 01/09/2022

Fantastic webinar; there’s so much I didn’t really understand about what I’m putting into my guest dogs, and it’s so good to have that knowledge; I want to know exactly what I’m feeding my guest dogs, and the details of what their needs are, just as much as if they were my own dogs.
As always with Caroline’s superb courses and webinars, it’s easy to just do a few minutes here and there, as time allows. As a home-from-home dog boarder, I’ve been booked solid with nose-to-tail guests, so being able to study in small bites has been invaluable.

by Laura Bithell 22/07/2022

Learnt good information for me to apply in practice working as a veterinary nurse

by Katie Reynolds 03/12/2021

I have just completed the above course, one of several courses run by Caroline,I I have been fortunate to study. The course content is full, informative, interesting, with a great layout and the instruction videos are really helpful. All Pet Education courses are ideal for anyone one who wants to learn for professional or personal use and you leave the course full of so much valuable knowledge. I always enjoy learning and this course was no exception, I would recommend this course and any other courses here, well worth studying as it’s skills and knowledge for life. Practical and expert advise from a training programme and teacher you can trust. You can learn at your own pace, so there is never any pressure, learning in your own time, to me is the best way to fully absorb information, take it all in and more importantly keep it!
Thank you for yet another wonderful course… I shall be enrolling in my next one soon. Katie Reynolds.

by Lucynda Hodgson 11/07/2021

This course provided a great overview of nutrition for all life stages of dogs. The right length of course to get started and get all the basics, and then some, ready to delve further.

by Sarah Brookes 08/06/2021

This course was packed with essential information and delivered in bite sized chunks so it was easy to process. I would recommend this course to anyone who owns or even works with dogs.

by Rachel Sutton 04/05/2021

Loved the course and reading the section on enrichment as well. I worked for a spell at a safari park and we always provided enrichment for the animals, but it had not occurred to me for dogs! Also really enjoyed learning about nutritional requirements for different life stages and also small vs large breeds.

by Victoria Jarman 07/04/2021

Another excellent course

by Sharodene Naomi Mellis 23/03/2021

Very useful to learn the basics of nutrition with, would love to do a course with more detail on nutrition and its effects on behaviour. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

by Áine Kearns 19/03/2021

A good interesting course and well worth completing. Very interesting with good use of video. I would like to see more in depth treatment of choosing a dog food for your pet. At the end of the course I still feel I need to do a lot of research about choosing a food. I am not looking for the recommendation of a particular food but perhaps going through the ingredients and labels to help choose a food. Also in relation to the behavioural issues solutions are discussed but not really how to apply it in daily life. For example when you mention certain additions to the diet it would be good to know how to practically add that in to your pet’s diet.

by Maria Teresa Mahalayne 14/03/2021

Wishing that the material is more in-depth, however, it was a very good experience and informative study.