Do you want to generate income for your charity or business?

We are always very keen to help charities and businesses generate funds. As such we provide a number of courses that can be run as fund-raising events.

Available Courses

Canine First Aid Course*

  • Carrying out a primary assessment
  • Wounds and controlling haemorrhage
  • Choking & respiratory obstruction
  • Poisonous agents
  • Seizures and fits
  • Gastro-intestinal problems
  • Performing CPR
  • and lots more.
This first aid course is also available for Cats and Rabbits.

Canine Health & Welfare Course*

  • How to carry out a pet health check
  • Caring for eyes, ears and oral care
  • Skin conditions
  • Parasites (endo and ecto)
  • Recognising disease e.g. kennel cough
  • Caring for elderly dogs with arthritis
  • How illness affects welfare
  • and lots more.
It promotes proper veterinary care and attention with the emphasis on prevention.

Understanding Canine and Feline Behaviour▴

  • An introduction to canine and/ or feline specific behaviour
  • Communication methods
  • Development of common behaviour problems
  • Prevention and treatment strategies
Each species is dealt within a 2 hours slot so attendees can elect to attend just one session if they wish to concentrate on either the dog or cat.

*Organising a Hosted First Aid or Canine Health & Welfare Event

Both these courses are presented at your premises. Lasting for around 3 hours they include demonstrations with some practical opportunities. I can deliver the course during the day, on an evening or at the weekend. I usually suggest a refreshment break in the middle so allow for around 3 ½ hours.As these are accredited courses, I suggest that you charge around £55 – £60 per person. The suggested maximum is 20 attendees so that everyone gets a good learning experience.My fees are £30.00 p.p. (but note my minimum turn out fee is £350 plus travel expenses). This includes a PDF of the course notes that you can either print or distribute to participants beforehand, together with an accredited certificate of attendance.All I ask of you is arrange the venue, manage bookings, provide refreshments (e.g. a drink and a biscuit) and publicise and organise the day (although I will of course help with publicity where I can). I also ask for you or a member of staff to be present to assist with the practical sessions and serve drinks (They attend the event at 50% of the full course fee).

▴Organising a Hosted Canine and Feline Behaviour Event

This works in a similar way to the other hosted courses. You should allow around 2 ¼ hours for each session. I suggest that you charge i.r.o. £55-60 for the both sessions or around £30 for just one species.  Because there is no practical element there is no limit to attendee numbers. My fees are 50% of the takings (profit share) plus travel expenses (but note my minimum turn out fee for the full 4 hour course is £350). This includes a PDF of the course notes that you can either print or distribute to participants beforehand, together with a certificate of attendance. 

Don’t forget that selling merchandise and/ or running raffles during the hosted events is another good way of generating income. If you are interested in hosting an event or need more information please contact me to arrange a chat or a booking. I can tailor a course to meet you needs.

Have you thought about becoming an affiliate for our online courses?

Offering both the hosted and non-hosted course means that you can cater for everyone’s preference. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please click here to find out more.



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