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Terms & Conditions

The Affiliate Agrees that they will:

  1. Maintain their Stripe account and keep it connected to their affiliate account on our website at all times.
  2. Be entirely responsible to declare and pay any tax or insurance on commission payments received.
  3. Always promote Pet Education and Training and our courses in the best light and as we would choose to do so ourselves, and not make or publish any statement which is disparaging or negative.
  4. Engage in proper advertising. Affiliates found to be engaging in improper advertising (e.g. explicit, unlawful, improper use of our business name) shall have their agreement terminated and their affiliate status revoked.
  5. Earn commission fees only with respect to activity on our site occurring directly through the link that will appear on their website or through advertising.
  6. Bear all costs and expenses incurred in connection with your activities as an affiliate.
  7. Maintain their own website. The maintenance and the updating of your website will be your responsibility. You will implement the links, banners, and other means of linking your website to our services.
  8. Not solicit business away from Pet Education and Training Courses.
  9. Notify us of all enquiries about Pet Education and Training or our courses promptly.
  10. Abide by and agree to our full terms and conditions below.

The Affiliate Agrees that Pet Education and Training:

  1. Reserves the right to amend or alter the course at any time (in order to ensure that the information is updated).
  2. Can, from time to time run promotional offers on the course, although this will not affect your percentage commission rate, it will be lower if the course is discounted.
  3. Retains ownership and copyright on:
    a) All written and video materials contained within the course programme.
    b) All photos and design resources provided to you.
  4. May terminate the agreement and remove the programme by giving a 30 day notice period (or with immediate effect in cases of misconduct).
  5. May delay payment of commissions due to payment authorisation, card security checks or website maintenance.
  6. Will pay commission to you automatically once 30 days have passed since the student referred by you successfully made a purchase.
  7. Will not pay commission if the student referred by you requests a refund within 30 days.
  8. Cannot be held responsible for any of your referrals enrolling via the readily available course links advertised on our website, i.e. not your unique referral link.
  9. Cannot be held responsible for any loss of commission payments to your Stripe account due to your lack of management. 
  10. Can, from time to time, put the website into maintenance mode to make sure any technical work does not interfere with the student learning. This ensures students get the best experience from the course.

Termination and Closure of Inactive Accounts

We do not place any obligation on our Affiliates to meet quotas or guarantee sales. However, if any Affiliate Account is inactive for a period of one (1) year then we will close that account, meaning any clicks using the unique link associated with that account will no longer be registered to that account and no commission will be payable in respect of any sales coming through that link.

You can choose to end your membership of our Affiliate programme, for any reason, by deleting your account in your profile. Any commission which has not already been paid to you at the date you choose to delete your account will no longer be paid to you. Alternatively, contact us and we will close your account after your last payment has been made. Account deletion means any clicks using your unique link will no longer be registered and payment will no longer be paid. 

We can terminate your membership of our Affiliate programme at any time, for any reason, by giving you thirty (30) days’ written notice. At the end of this thirty (30) day period we will close your account, meaning any clicks using your unique link will no longer be registered to your account. Any commission which has not already been paid to you at the date that your account is closed will be paid through to you within two (2) months of your account being closed.

We can also terminate your membership of the Affiliate programme with immediate effect if you breach any of these Terms and do not remedy that breach (if capable of remedy) within fourteen (14) days of notice from us. If you do not correct the relevant breach within this time period we will close your account, meaning any clicks using your unique link will no longer be registered to your account. Once your account has been closed no further commission will be payable, including any commission which has accrued to your account but not yet been paid to you.

In addition to the termination provisions above, either you or we will be entitled to terminate your membership immediately by notifying the other in writing if the other is declared bankrupt, enters into insolvency or administration proceedings.

The rights to terminate set out above do not prejudice any other right or remedy available to you or us.

If your membership of our Affiliate Programme is terminated for any reason you will be entitled to receive any unpaid commission registered on your Affiliate Account, unless payment is excluded for any reason set out in the above paragraphs. You will not be entitled to, or have any claim against Pet Education and Training for, compensation of any sort.

Unless these Terms state otherwise, on termination of your Affiliate Account neither you nor we will have any further obligation to the other under these Terms.

Privacy and Data Protection

Our Privacy and Cookies policy is available on our website (link in footer), which explains how we process any personal data you provide to us and how our Website uses cookies.


You agree not to disclose any Confidential Information, directly or indirectly, to any third party without our written authorisation to do so, and you will exercise a reasonable level of care in protect ing our Confidential Information from unauthorised use and disclosure. In particular, you agree that you will keep your account login details confidential and will not share them with any other person.

You will also keep all marketing and other materials in relation to Pet Education and Training confidential and will not use them for any purpose other than in connection with promotion of Pet Education and Training.

These confidentiality provisions do not apply to information that is (a) publicly available, (b) obtained by you from third par ties without restrictions on how you use that information, (c) independently developed by you without using our Confidential Information, or (d) required to be disclosed by order of a court or other governmental or regulatory body.

Disclosure of our Confidential Information has the potential to cause damage to our business beyond anything that is capable of being valued by money damages. You therefore agree that we will be en titled to injunctive relief and any other remedies available to us in order to enforce these confidentiality provisions.

Changes to These Terms

We may make changes to any of these Terms at any time.

We will also email any new or updated Terms to you using the contact email address you have provided in your Affiliate Account details. Changes to these Terms may include, without limitation, changes in the way we award commission, fee schedules, payment procedures and Affiliate Programme rules. If any changes we make are unacceptable to you, you will need to terminate your membership of our Affiliate Programme. If you continue to use your unique Affiliate link after we have notified you of new or updated Terms then you will be deemed to have accepted those Terms.

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the Pet Education and Training Affiliate Programme, and supersede all other communications between us in relation to your involvement in our Affiliate Programme.

Registrations are automated, once you click the register button below you will be accepted, logged in and shown your unique ID / affiliate link.

Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t turn anyone away. As long as you promote our courses and products, we’ll pay you. However, please be aware that you are entirely responsible to declare and pay any tax or insurance on commission payments received.

You can earn commission on any online course sold individually from However, this excludes gift cards, physical products and our enrolment codes.

There is no commitment. We do not place any obligation on our affiliates to meet quotas or guarantee sales. If you decide you no longer want to be a part of the affiliate programme simply delete your account. If any affiliate account is inactive for a period of one (1) year then we will close that account.

To cover our Money Back Guarantee returns policy on all courses and products, commission payments are delayed by 30 days. If the referred customer requests a refund within 30 days you will not receive your commission.

When you use your unique referral links which contain your affiliate ID, a cookie is stored in the customer’s internet browser. Then when they navigate the website and purchase a course or product, the commission is attributed to you. 

Cookies will last for 120 days in the customer’s browser, giving you plenty of time to earn commission. However, to make the most earnings, it is vital that you continue to promote our website using your link. The more you promote, the more you earn.